Welcome, and rest awhile. Here are some blog posts about wild animals I’ve known, loved, and rehabilitated. Plus other things. You know how that goes. I’ve been a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for almost 30 years, so I know what I’m doing. People are sometimes driven by good hearts to try to care for wild orphans they’ve stumbled upon, but the reality is that these creatures need very specialized care and specialized diets. Too many times I’ve been brought a wild baby by someone who meant well, but by the time the baby got to me, it was already suffering from dehydration, infection, or a poor diet. There have been heartbreaking times in my care of wild animals, but there have also been funny, or touching times, and I wouldn’t trade my past experiences for anything.

Besides wildlife, I take care of other people’s dogs in my home, and other pets at theirs, which has been lovely and wonderful. You can find that here: Gentle Paws Pet Sitting.