The day I flew into Athens for the first time, it was cold and rainy. Never let anyone tell you that January in Greece is anything except a capricious bitch who leads you into thinking you’ll be able to find some warmth in her arms and then leads you into an icy cold pool and… Read More Athens


It’s been almost three weeks, and my heart still hurts. I will be caught at odd moments with a lump in my throat, my eyes hot and prickly. Coming across his tags on the collar that I washed. Coming across the handful of fur we saved from his brush, carefully placed in a ziploc baggie… Read More Faolan

The Duckling

Our cook, a fierce Vietnamese woman who never went far without her meat cleaver, was a figure of much authority and not insignificant fear in my childhood. It was to her that all the other staff members deferred, and her word was law. My father had determined early on, though he never explicitly stated it,… Read More The Duckling