The Money Pit

Many years ago, when we made the decision to move to our town for the fine school system, I was heavily pregnant with twins and anxious to get settled. We already had two children, and anticipated more, so we were in search of lots of space. We bought, despite our misgivings about the work it… Read More The Money Pit

Squirrel Taxi

Some years back, my family van was named the “Squirrel Taxi” by the daughter of a friend.  While it lacked flashing red lights and any sort of medical insignia, she associated it (as did most of my town) with the pickup and transport of orphaned or injured animals. As do many rehabilitators handling mammals, I… Read More Squirrel Taxi

Gun Shots

There are many diseases that ravage little wild bodies. Of them all, I think the cruelest ones are those that attack the central nervous system. Raccoons are susceptible to both rabies and distemper, two central nervous system diseases that are virally spread and highly contagious. Rabies is always fatal. Fatal and vicious in the sheer… Read More Gun Shots

The Duckling

The cook, a fierce Vietnamese woman who never went far without her meat cleaver, was a figure of much authority and not insignificant fear in my childhood. It was to her that all the other staff members deferred, and her word was law. My father had determined early on, though he never explicitly stated it,… Read More The Duckling

Hives and Hawking

Despite an execrable meal, I had a delightful time with Ian and Connor at Newport Creamery this evening. So this is how our conversation flowed: Connor noted that that St. Valentine was the patron saint of love, bees, epilepsy and plague (For reals?!) and thus “Valentine’s Day reminds us that we all love each other… Read More Hives and Hawking

Cat Thoughts

I always knew I was adopted. First of all, I look nothing like my parents. Mom’s all blonde and gorgeous and sort of round everywhere. In a nice way, of course. But, I’m dark and kind of sleek. Dad used to tease her that maybe I came from the milkman. God knows, I do love… Read More Cat Thoughts

Autumn Walks

Yesterday I drove slowly down the Serpentine Road in Warren, and then found a spot to pull my car off the road and walk a bit. I pretended I was back in England. Wind and a light misty rain blew through trees blazing orange and crimson, sending leaves swirling and the strands of my hair… Read More Autumn Walks


Have been wondering for months where my staff scurried off to. It began with having to seat myself in the back of the Daimler one afternoon (with no one to open the door for me, mind you) and realize that the driver simply wasn’t coming,and not only was I going to have to pour my… Read More Adjusting