Hives and Hawking

Despite an execrable meal, I had a delightful time with Ian and Connor at Newport Creamery this evening. So this is how our conversation flowed: Connor noted that that St. Valentine was the patron saint of love, bees, epilepsy and plague (For reals?!) and thus “Valentine’s Day reminds us that we all love each other like a giant human hive.” Seems legit.

On to the old Norse societal structure and rogue raiding, when Connor requested we “send this conversation pining to the fjords”. Ian and I, in unison, made sounds like the thwapping of arrows, and then the sound of an imaginary longboat bursting into flames. We grinned at each other’s excellent aim.

Then on to the ancient Japanese fighting styles, code of honour and Shinto ceremony, the Ottoman Empire, the general history of middle eastern discord (Ian’s gem: “Assyrians and Egyptians had a non-consensual relationship.” Hahaha).

We shared a moment of silence for the burning of the ancient Library at Alexandria, then discussed which countries the ancient Greeks did or did not invade, the rudeness of the Macedonians, the plight of Egypt, the 10 Plagues, and lyrics from Prince of Egypt. Katie, we all sang “Iiii-iis this what you wanted?” (complete with trill) in your honour.

Aperture science led to science fiction fantasy and then to quantum physics and gravitational singularity theorems . I asked Connor if he was going to be the new Stephen Hawking, only without the Lou Gehrig’s disease. Connor and Ian both gasped, and we all acknowledged that that had been an unfortunate moment of irreverence. So another moment of silence for the gift that is Hawking.

All this on three Awful Awfuls, two turkey burgers, and some Mac and Cheese. lol